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The Hype About Musang King Durian

Crowned “The King of Fruits,” durian is a tropical fruit famous for its exquisite taste and distinctive aroma. It is primarily grown in South East Asia, and Malaysia is home to the finest varieties.

Musang King is the most sought after variety due to its unique flavour and limited availability. It is only harvested twice a year, and only grows in specific regions of Malaysia. Good news for you, our Musang King is sourced from Pahang, Malaysia where the conditions produces the world’s most superior durians.

Musang King is known for its thick and creamy texture that mimics ice-cream. The flesh melts in your mouth, followed by the combination of sweetness and a perfect hint of bitterness.

Although durian is an acquired taste, a few bites of Musang King will convert you to a durian lover like the rest of us who simply can’t get enough! We are so excited to bring you ‘the taste of Malaysia’ and share the hype with you.

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